First East General Hospital Cambridge

The Memorial

Given that it was Cambridge's most significant contribution to the war effort, it is astonishing till now that there should be no on-site memorial to the Hospital, which risked being forgotten again once the current period of commemoration of the first World War is over.

Clare College gave permission to engrave into the stonework on the outer wall of its Memorial Court the following inscription:


The design has been created by the Kindersley Workshop, and the cost of carrying it out was £25,000 which has been contributed by individuals, colleges, regiments and others whose predecessors in one way another were involved in the hospital, making the memorial a true community effort.

Design of the proposed memorial:

First Eastern Hospital Memorial

Discussing the hospital memorial design

Discussing the First Eastern Memorial design Discussing the First Eastern Memorial design

The work on the engraving of the memorial will start at the end of July into the stonework go the outer wall of Clare College Memorial Court.

The work has now been completed and the memorial was inaugurated and unveiled by Admiral Alistair Walker, Surgeon general to the Armed Forces on Wednesday 7th September 2016.
Admiral Walker's speech can be downloaded HERE.

Many Thanks to Coulson's Builders Cambridge for donating the protective canopy to protect the memorial during the carving. And Many Thanks to Medical Media for donating this website to help boost the profile of the Memorial.

Photo Gallery of the engraving progress.

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Coulson and Co staff cleaning the stonework by hand so as not to damage the surface of the existing stone in the wall

Coulson and Co erecting the weatherproof cover donated by them - The hospital was originally constructed by Coulson's predecessors, Negus

Leda Kindersley and team pencilling in the script on to the stonework

The team from the Cardoza Kindersley workshop carving the stonework

The lettering before painting

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